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EnTec Consulting offers captivating seminars designed to equip entrepreneurs and businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador with actionable insights and strategies. 

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Dawn Gough, Keynote Speaker

Dawn Gough is about environmental excellence, change through policy, social responsibility, and long-term sustainability. An environmental consultant, policy writer, and management system consultant; she has enjoyed forging environmental initiatives and providing environmental expertise for 20 years. She leads with knowledge of federal, provincial, and municipal regulations, industry best practices, and ISO 14001.  

Dawn believes real change starts with policy and is initiated from the inside out and from the top down. With a Master of Technology Management (Engineering and Applied Science Technology), and certification as Lead Auditor for ISO Integrated Management Systems Dawn inspires the leadership of socially and environmentally-conscious companies.  

Fee Range: $2500-5000.

Epic Engage

"Dawn is a passionate champion of responsible sustainability and makes sense of things in a practical and functional way. Her education and talent are only surpassed by her excellence and enthusiasm in approach to her body of work." 

Barry Lewis Green 

Owner & Public Speaker, Epic Engage

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More details:

"Turning Green into Gold: An Environmental Consultant's Insights into the Financial Benefits of Eco Mindfulness"

Delves into the financial advantages of eco-mindfulness, revealing how sustainable practices can drive profitability and enhance business success. 

"Trash the Disposable Mindset with Eco-Mindfulness (& Make Money Doing it)"

Challenges the disposable mindset with eco-friendly strategies, showcasing profitable opportunities aligned with sustainability efforts. 

"An Intro to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems" 

Provides a comprehensive overview of ISO 14001 standards, offering valuable insights into Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and their impact on compliance and operational performance. 

"Do You Need an ESG Strategy?" 

Explores the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, highlighting their role in driving business growth, investor confidence, and long-term sustainability. 

"Environmental Awareness" 

Raises awareness about environmental issues and the importance of sustainable practices in business operations. 

"Integrated Management Systems" 

Delves into the benefits of integrated management systems for enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and streamlining business processes. 

"An Overview of Environmental Legislation" 

Educates participants on key environmental regulations, compliance requirements, and best practices for navigating legislative frameworks. 

"An Intro to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety"

Provides essential insights into occupational health and safety standards, helping businesses create safer work environments. 

"Preparing for an ISO Certification Audit" 

Equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed to prepare for ISO certification audits, ensuring compliance and operational excellence. 

"How to Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency, & Attract Clients with Social Responsibility" 

Uncovers strategies for leveraging social responsibility to drive cost savings, improve efficiency, and attract clients. 

"Apply for Business Funding in NL" 

Offers a comprehensive guide to funding opportunities available to entrepreneurs in Newfoundland and Labrador, covering grants, loans, venture capital, and other financial resources. 

"Secrets of a Great Business Plan" 

Provides valuable tips and techniques for crafting an effective business plan that attracts investors and supports business growth. 

"Being a Woman in STEM" 

Celebrates women in STEM fields, offering insights into overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities, and thriving in male-dominated industries. 

"An Overview of Funding Available to Newfoundland and Labrador Entrepreneurs" 

Provides a detailed overview of funding options tailored to NL entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the funding landscape and secure capital for business growth. 

"The Right Time to Leave Your Job for Your Side Hustle" 

Offers guidance on transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship, managing a side hustle, and pursuing entrepreneurial dreams.

"Unlocking Sustainable Success: How ESG Strategies Empower Startups" 

Delves into the transformative power of ESG strategies for startups, showcasing how sustainability initiatives drive success, growth, and positive impact. 


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