All Natural Resource Megaprojects Under Construction in Canada in 2023

There are 470 major projects under construction or planned over the next ten years in Canada, with a combined potential capital value of $520B. Let's get to it.

Most Notable:

1.    Grassy Point LNG in NL ($7.2B)

2.    Meaford Storage Project in ON ($4.3B)

3.    Northern Ammonia and Methanol Facility in AB ($2.5B)

Largest Uptick in Potential Investment:

1.    Transmountain Pipeline Expansion (from $12.6B to $21.4B)

2.    Peace River Site C Hydro Project (from $10.7B to $16B)

3.    Bay du Nord Offshore Project (from $6.8B to $12B)

Largest Mining Projects:

1.    Jansen Potash project in SK ($7.5B)

2.    Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell “KSM” project in BC ($7.2B)

Largest Clean Energy Projects:

1.    Peace River Site C Hydro project in BC ($16B)

2.    Two nuclear refurbishment projects in ON ($25.8B)

3.    Dow Net-Zero Polyethylene Derivatives Facility in AB ($10B)

4.    Keeyask Hydro Project in MB ($8.7B)

Largest Natural Resource Megaprojects by Province


1.    Bay du Nord Offshore Project ($12B)

2.    Grassy Point LNG ($7.2B)

3.    Kamistiatusset Mine ($1.3B)

There is one clean technology project included in the NL inventory valued at $19.7M. This is a new advanced pellet plant announced by Active Energy Group.

Location of offshore gas fields and proposed 600 km pipeline connecting to Grassy Point, Placentia Bay, NL:

map of offshore gas locations in NL


1.    Mactaquac Dam upgrades ($3.3B)

2.    Sisson Project ($0.6B)

3.    Smart Grids Investments Phase Project ($0.2B)


1.    Goldboro Gold Mine ($0.3B)

2.    Pirate Harbour Wind Farm ($0.2B)

3.    Cochrane Hill Mine ($0.1B)


1.    Summerside Solar Farm ($69M)

2.    PEI Energy Corporation Wind Farm #5 ($60M)

3.    Western PEI Transmission Upgrade ($44M)

4.    Borden Battery Park ($35M)

5.    Slemon Park Micro-Grid Project ($25M)

Wild Energy Developments in PEI:

Wild Energy Developments in PEI


1.    Mary River Iron Ore Project ($1.3B)

2.    Back River Gold Project ($0.6B)

3.    Hope Bay Gold Project ($0.7B)


1.    Casino Mine ($3.3B)

2.    Kudz Ze Kayah Mine ($0.5B)

3.    Coffee Gold Mine ($0.3B)

There are two clean technology projects included in the YT inventory valued at $55M. This includes a Grid-Scale Battery Storage Project ($35M) and the Haeckel Hill Wind Farm ($20M).


1.    Taltson Hydroelectric Expansion Project ($1.2B)

2.    NICO Cobalt-Gold-Bismuth Mine ($0.6B)

3.    Pine Point Mine ($0.6B)

There are three clean technology projects included in the NT inventory valued at $1.2B. This includes the aforementioned Taltson Project, the Inuvik Wind Generation Project ($40M), and the AWP Industrial Park ($20M).


1.    LNG Canada Phase 1 ($36B)

2.    Kitimat Clean Oil Refinery ($22B)

3.    ESE Synthetic Crude Pipeline ($18B)

4.    Peace River Site C Project ($16B)

Site C Highway 29:

Site C Highway 29


1.    Athabasca Oil Sands Project at Jackpine ($12B)

2.    Dow Net-Zero Polyethylene Facility ($10B)

3.    SAGD May River Project ($10B)


1.    Jansen Potash Project ($7.5B)

2.    Esterhazy K3 Project ($1.7B)

3.    Star-Orion Diamond Project ($1.4B)

Star-Orion Rough Diamonds:

Star-Orion Rough Diamonds


1.    Keeyask Hydro Project ($8.7B)

2.    Lynn Lake Mine ($0.4B)

3.    Portage Area Capacity Enhancements ($0.2B)


1.    Bruce Nuclear Refurbishment ($13B)

2.    Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment ($12.8B)

3.    Meaford Pumped Storage Project ($4.3B)


1.    Romaine Hydroelectric Complex ($6.5B)

2.    Champlain Hudson Power Express Transmission Line ($2.2B)

3.    Strange Lake Mine ($1.6B)

Torngat is planning to use hybrid airships for transport to its proposed Strange Lake rare earth mine in Quebec:

Torngat hybrid airships

Information current as of date of publication.